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20 Teens to build an airplane and then fly it from Cape Town to Cairo.
If you are a South African teenager that lives in Gauteng area, you can be part of this once in a lifetime project.
We are looking for 100 teens to join us at the Molo Africa event. At this very same even, our judges will choose the top 20 teens that will be part of making history.
Seats are limited to the first 100 applications so only apply if you meet the following criteria:
-You are an out of the box thinker
-You can work under pressure
-You can work with a team
-You have leadership qualities
If chosen you are available from for at least 10 days between 22 June 2016 until 16 July 2016
You are prepared to appear on a TV documentary


• To showcase young African leaders and inspire others to dream big.
• Promote aviation as a career of choice within Africa.
• Create out-of-the-box thinking entrepreneurs.
• Contribute towards moving Africa forward.
• Promote social cohesion amongst African youth.
• Provide a platform for African countries to exhibit their cultures, people and tourism


• To inspire young people throughout the Continent of Africa to believe in themselves
• Expose youth in the aviation industry.
• To establish a win-win partnership with key stakeholders.
• To showcase Africa’s pioneering teenagers as groundbreakers to advance the continent

Mission Statement

Create a platform that will break barriers for young Africans and develop building blocks to identify and grow more Dynamic kids who are passionate, determined and understand that it is up to them to change the world around them


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